• Customized dashboards for employees and clients
  • Overall view of features such as messages, tasks, graphs, calendar, etc…
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Reply or compose messages with a click of a button
  • Easy to read charts and graphs that enable you to see overall productivity



  • Clinicians and /or Staff can set up individualized work schedules
  • Providers can be color coded by specialty type or designated by provider
  • Electronic appointment reminders for clients
  • Our time-tracking feature, which is similar to an internal stopwatch, insures accurate billing to insurance companies
  • Verification Module: This feature helps eliminate scheduling error by alerting staff of expired authorizations, overdue balances, expired insurance policies, and so much more

Intake and Registration


  • Customizable intake form templates specifically designed to meet your company’s needs
  • Email intake forms to clients right from our software
  • Our Client Portal enables clients to fill out intake packets and registration  online
  • All completed forms upload directly into our system, saving you time by skipping manual data entries
  • We never leave you wondering if you sent intake forms or if the client returned them with our unique intake tracking system
  • To further help meet the needs of all your clients, all forms can be printed out
  • Electronic records are secured and HIPAA compliant

Inventory Management


  • Track by name, description, SKU, or unique serial number
  • Stock level tracking and low-quantity alerts
  • Ensure accurate inventory levels through reporting and auditing
  • Transfer inventory from one location to another
  • Easily create & update inventory as well as adding new products

Employee Management / HR


  • Simplifies your HR hiring process from A to Z
  • Our advanced system includes the option to post jobs and resumes
  • Create employees and set specific permissions to access certain levels of the system
  • Stores digital copies of all new hire paperwork
  • Track hours worked with an integrated time clock function

Report Management System


  • Overall Company Productivity
  • Intake and Registration Application Status
  • Insurance Payer Status,e.g. Submitted, Pending, Approved, or Denied
  • Claims Status
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Human Resource Application Status
  • Time Clock Activity
  • Cancellation Report
  • Supervision and Observation Percentage Data
  • Call Activity Log